Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of 16 young professionals from a variety of companies, professions, and educational backgrounds working towards Junior Council’s mission. A new Board of Directors is elected every March for a one-year term.

Mackenzie Roach, President


Ray Waters, Vice President


Andy Kucich, Treasurer


Tom Laughlin, Secretary


Charlotte Cahill, Snowball Chair


Jamisen Paustain, Fundraising Chair

Monique Barras, Corporate Chair


Eddie Grochowiak, Corporate Chair


Omar Husain, Hospitality Chair


Cody Dunifon, Media Marketing Chair


MacKenna Atteberry, Creative Marketing Chair

Rachel Jacklin, Social Chair


Marlee Delaney, Social Chair


Hilary Murphy, Education Chair


Deepthi Bettadapur, Membership Chair


Erfan Haroon, Membership Chair