The Executive Board

The 2017 / 2018 Executive Board welcomes you to the Junior Council!

The Executive Board is comprised of 16 young professionals from a variety of companies, professions, and educational backgrounds working toward our mission. The Board ranges from accountants to account managers; proud alumni from Indiana University, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and The University of Arizona to name a few; working hard representing companies such as CBRE, Lichten Craig, KPMG and Spotify.

Below are the areas we organize for the Junior Council. Please contact us with any questions or to join a committee!


Erin Kunces :: President

Erin heads up the Junior Council and works with the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to bring the mission of the hospital and our council together.

Deepthi Bettadapur :: Treasurer

We call her the money woman.  Deepthi works with her committee to ensure our funds are in order and we are donating as much as possible to the clinic!


Katherine Heppard :: Snowball

Katie’s her name and Snowball’s her game. Directing our main event, Katie is busy planning the ins and outs of Snowball.

Charlotte Cahill :: Marketing

Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Whether a JC event hits the press or a Snowball banner is waving on Michigan Avenue, Charlotte is getting the word out about our cause.


Megan DeMarco :: Secretary

If you want to know what’s going on with the Junior Council, Megan is your go-to girl. Keeping things in order, Megan is our master communicator.

Ray Waters :: Fundraising 

Ray heads up the fundraising committee, focused on securing in-kind donations for raffles and most importantly for the silent auction at Snowball!

Andy Kucich :: Development

Who doesn’t love a tasty bite to eat? Andy takes care of all in-kind donations, restaurant events, and bringing you fine cuisine and cocktails at Snowball!

Lizzie Ranshaw :: Creative Direction

The JC has style, and Lizzie is showing it off! Leading the creative direction with Snowball decorations, events, and creative collateral, she’s making the JC shine!

Rachel Jacklin :: Social

This girl knows how to throw a killer party! Looking for a fun night out in Chicago? Rachel is your gal.


Zack Brenner :: Social

From flip cup to kickball, Zack is helping lead the charge with Junior Council’s social events all year long!

Ross Donewald :: Membership

We want YOU to get involved. Want to know more about the hospital? About the JC? Ross and Mackenzie are giving tours of the hospital and welcoming new members to the JC.

Mackenzie Roach :: Membership

WANTED: New Members! In charge of creating a buzz around the JC, Mackenzie and Ross are planning new member events and taking care of all your inquiries!

Tommy Lonergan :: Corporate Sponsorship

Making the pitch and handling all things corporate, Tommy and Jamie are responsible for all our corporate sponsorships.

Jamisen Paustian :: Corporate Sponsorship

Nobody knows better how your support makes a difference in the clinic. There are so many ways to get your company involved, ask Jamie and Tommy!

Kelly Eisele :: Mentorship

Kelly works on our mentorship program, pairing our members with patients from the clinic in a one on one mentorship setting.

Hilary Murphy :: Scholarship

Hilary works with our scholarship program setting up programming events where our members and guests interact with the Children’s Hospital and its resources.