Junior Council has multiple committees. The committees are open to all members. Member may be part or one or more committees throughout the year.

All snowball related committees meet monthly on the third Wednesday of the month at a rotating location. Please email if you would like to attend.


Snowball Committee

Responsible for helping make Snowball a successful event

Committee Member Opportunities:

  • Help solicit in-kind donations. This ranges from simple items like cups, napkins, and bar fruit, to some of the larger items needed to make the night even more exciting, like photo booths or trolleys to the after party
  • Volunteer the night of Snowball

Corporate Committee

Responsible for identifying and securing corporate sponsors for quarterly events and Snowball

Committee Member Opportunities:

  • Identify potential corporate sponsor (name, company, contact info) from own company, friends, family, etc.
  • Reach out to contacts about corporate sponsorship opportunities and our cause


Fundraising Committee

Responsible for secure all in-kind raffle and auction items for Junior Council quarterly events and Snowball

Committee Member Opportunities:

  • Help to secure auction items and other in-kind donations throughout the year, especially for Snowball
  • Work auction and/or raffles at our quarterly events and Snowball

Hospitality Committee

Responsible for securing restaurants and alcohol donations for Snowball

Committee Member Opportunities:

  • Reach out to own contacts about tasting at Snowball and alcohol donations
  • Contact and/or visit restaurants in a specific area of the city
  • Help with logistics night of Snowball

Marketing Committee

Responsible for Junior Council’s website, promotional materials, and event designs

Committee Member Opportunities:

  • Creating promotional materials for quarterly events and Snowball
  • Event designs and decor
  • Securing bloggers and photographers for events


Scholarship Committee

Responsible for reviewing and picking Junior Council’s annual scholarship recipient(s)