Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

2022 JC DE&I Year-End Summary

As we welcome a new board of directors term (2023 – 2024), it is time for our updated Junior Council Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report. This report serves as a continuation of our commitment to transparency and accountability within our organization. Our overarching DE&I goals consists of two primary objectives that guide our decision-making process as a board of directors. Those goals are:

1. Create a more diverse and inclusive membership
2. Establish stronger relationships with mission-driven community partners

In the previous DE&I report, we established our organizational goals (referenced above) and began experiencing the challenges of transforming our knowledge into action. Upon reflection, we realized that our initial strategy of employing a centralized DE&I committee to drive DE&I initiatives was not adequately addressing our organizational needs. One issue encountered by the DE&I committee was that members interested in both DE&I and another area, such as fundraising, were tasked with maintaining communication with both. Consequently, in 2022, we decided it was more effective to assign responsibility for DE&I goal-setting to individual board members. This allowed our members to focus on DE&I alongside their other interests without having to divide their attention between separate committees, enabling a more integrated approach.

2022 DE&I Performance Summary (by Director)

Please note that the President, Vice President, and Secretary positions will not have performance inputs. Given the nature of their roles, they assisted other directors in achieving their goals.

Snowball Directorsnowball@juniorcouncil.org

2022 Goals:

  • Provide 3-4 booths at the Junior Council Snowball Gala for community partners to share their missions
  • Provide free tickets to Snowball for those who otherwise could not attend


The Snowball Director offered 20 Snowball tickets to patients at the Clinic, Howard Brown, and other community partners, but no one accepted the offer. They believe offering tickets earlier next year may result in more uptake. They partnered with Curious Elixirs and provided non-alcoholic cocktails at Snowball 2023. They also had several diverse in-kind vendors, including minority and women-owned businesses.

Hospitality Directorhospitality@juniorcouncil.org

2022 Goals:

Secure three (or 20%) minority-owned hospitality partners


The Hospitality director secured 6 out of 18 (33%) restaurant partners and 5 out of 17 (29%) beverage partners as minority-owned businesses. This shows a commitment to supporting diverse hospitality partners, but there is still room for growth.

Marketing Directormedia@juniorcouncil.org

2022 Goals:

  • Post DE&I specific content, not only to support our goals but to educate around the “why”
  • Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into our social strategies for the long term


The Marketing director continued to post DE&I-specific content, collaborated with diverse influencers to promote their cause, and executed outreach to different boards across Chicagoland. They also participated in diverse Facebook groups to promote their events and encourage collaboration. Integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into their social strategies for the long term remains a priority.

Fundraising Directorfundraising@juniorcouncil.org

2022 Goals:

  • Have 20+ women owned, LGBTQ+, or minority-owned businesses represented in Snowball silent auction


The Fundraising director noted that a percentage target would have been better for tracking diverse business representation in the Snowball silent auction. They emphasized the importance of conscious effort in researching businesses and creating a diverse wishlist, as well as engaging attendees and elevating diverse businesses through spotlights.


2022 Goals:

  • Incorporate a true DE&I allocation (set aside from membership, marketing, etc.) into our annual budget


A $1,000 DE&I allocation for future boards was created to use towards DE&I-related events, sponsorships, or activities. This financial commitment demonstrates the organization’s dedication to DE&I initiatives.

Membership Directormembership@juniorcouncil.org

2022 Goals:

  • Update the Junior Council membership form to include (optional) demographic data. This will help us gain a better understanding of who are members are and how we can improve.


The Membership director successfully brought in 100 new Junior Council members, which greatly increased Junior Council’s outreach in the Chicago community. However, more efforts are needed to reach out to diverse communities and ensure an inclusive environment for all members.

Education Directoreducation@juniorcouncil.org

2022 Goals:

  • Have at least two guest speakers from different organizations present to Junior Council members
  • Coordinate two volunteer events for members


The Education Director successfully arranged for two guest speakers from different organizations to present to Junior Council members, providing valuable insights and diverse perspectives. They also coordinated two volunteer events for members, promoting engagement and fostering a sense of community within the organization. Additionally, two guest booths for community partners were provided as Snowball, free of charge.

Corporate Directorcorporate@juniorcouncil.org

2022 Goals:

  • Secure two sponsorships from a minority-owned or woman-owned business


The corporate director successfully secured one corporate sponsorship from the RSM US Foundation. An foundation that’s committed to providing a more stable environment for youth in the areas of hunger, housing, or health, thereby helping them succeed in education. The director also secured seven partnerships for Snowball event deals for attendees that were from either women or minority-owned businesses such as Blowout Junkie, Goldplaited, goGLOW, GLOWOUT, That Colour Nails, Tamed Blow Dry & Beauty Bar and Kendra Scott.

Final Summary and Next Steps:

We recognize that there is still much to accomplish in terms of cultivating a more diverse membership and nurturing an inclusive atmosphere. As we move ahead, it will be crucial to concentrate on percentage targets for diverse businesses, and persist in building connections with diverse partners. Moreover, JC ought to tackle any internal opposition to organizing events in various locations and strive to create a hospitable and inclusive environment for every member.

To achieve these goals, Junior Council will consider:

  • Expanding outreach efforts in underrepresented communities and partnering with other organizations that focus on diversity and inclusion.
  • Providing training and resources for board members and members to address unconscious biases and promote an inclusive mindset.
  • Ensuring clear communication of DE&I goals and expectations to all board members and members, emphasizing their importance in the organization’s success.
  • Conducting regular check-ins and updates on DE&I goals to maintain accountability and measure progress.
  • Celebrating successes and learning from challenges to continually improve our DE&I efforts.

While we have made progress in several areas, we recognize that there is still room for improvement and continued growth. We will take the lessons learned from this year’s efforts and use them as a foundation for refining and expanding our DE&I strategies moving forward. By fostering open dialogue, cultivating a diverse membership, and maintaining transparency in our progress, we believe that the Junior Council can continue to make a positive impact in our community and promote a more inclusive environment for all members and partners.


Junior Council Board of Directors